Need some Pirate Thinking & Guerrilla Tactics for your social media marketing?

Today brands are pouring BIG money into building page “like” community, well researched, well designed content strategy and boosting posts to get more “likes” and shares. However, research indicates that most brands are reporting very poor engagement with their followers.

(a) Most posts have low reach, low engagement (likes, comments,shares).

(b) Facebook post promotion is costly.

(c) The engagement insights are basic.

(d) Brands have no way to follow-up with users who like or comment
on a post other than manual activity (not scalable).

Tikoo Tweet Post_1024x512

So, we did some pirate thinking to get around this challenge.

(i) For one client, we were able to contact 2500 of their followers with
a “10 reasons to download our app message”.

(ii) For another client, we were able to identify the top 20 followers
by engagement on a monthly/weekly basis and create incentive
campaigns to motivate other followers to engage better.

(iii) In yet another use-case, we were able to contact over 200
post “likes” with an automated thank you and follow-up message
starting a business enquiry process

We can teach you how to maximize your social media marketing budgets. And
create more business conversations & leads. Need our pirate cap? Then ping us!