Technologies – Flex, Flash Media Server, Tomcat, MySQL, Hibernate, MPEG2/MPEg4, H.264, FFMPEG

An enterprise grade video management tool showcasing Flex RIA and Flash Media Server capabilities for frame accurate video scrubbing and control over standard internet connections.
  • Used by enterprises to setup private video library on the cloud
  • Integrates web, database and video technologies to provide a new-age solution to video asset management in the cloud.
  • Uses an interactive flex based UI to provide fine frame accurate control of video playback, scrubbing and selection powered by streaming server
  • Interfaces with server based video processing tools for video cutting, join, trans-coding and delivery via cloud.
  • Enterprises are producing more videos – training, product promotion, company meetings, and events and need to manage and share these videos with the internal and external stakeholders while retaining control over their videos.
  • Existing video management systems are file based and require local files or fat pipes for remote video access. This increases the cost of infrastructure for an enterprise and also makes the remote access less secure.
  • Cloud based video management solution that is offered on white label basis to enterprises
  • Pay-as-you-go options with full managed service offering
  • Sleek, smart, interactive UI with deep controls to provide rich experiences.
  • Significant advantages over public video management platforms such as YouTube and expensive tools for TV broadcasters.
  • Enables internet based access to video databases at a fraction of cost of existing systems
  • Powerful tools for online video publishing to web-portals with analytics and tracking
  • Use of open-source components reduces cost of ownership significantly.