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Flash v/s HTML5: It’s a war out there…is flash loosing out..?

Last week, Adobe released a preview of its HTML5 editor, “EDGE”. Early critics have pointed out the cumbersome UI and adobe lovers have pointed out the familiarity with flash development environment. It remains to be seen if Adobe will go on to dominate HTML5 tools given that for once they don’t control the HTMl5 standard (and may even be lagging behind on few counts) and till they acquired MacroMedia, they were indeed lagging behind even on website development tools (remember the Dreaweaver v/s GoLive no show) ?

However, one thing is certain – the impact of Apple refusing to support flash on its iPhone/iPAD devices has hurt the flash dominance of web rich media content.  Apple’s march towards global domination is led by necessities, apple has always been into developing product for its customers that supplies high intelligence at the cost of least power, and hence criticizing flash is a natural reaction.  What has not helped is adobe’s lack of aggressive evangelism of flash players on emergent android smart-phone and tablets. Instead, adobe may have tried to push away smart-phone OEMs with a licensing based business model for flash player which has further pushed users into adopting HTML5 as the lingua franca of mobile rich media.

One major concern in the apple camp is that they don’t believe that flash is open standard. In their own words – “just being widely available don’t make it open”. Apple believes that flash products are 100% proprietary and has been pushing for open web standards (w3c) in its products. Adobe counters by pointing out that most web users are missing on rich user experience since 75-90% websites do have flash content.  

Non availability of flash on iPAD has neither slowed down its adoption nor created any major frustration for its users. One major pitch for flash has been video streaming. However, with the modern h.264 streaming available via http streaming to iPhone/iPAD devices, usage of video has gone thru the roof even without flash support – just look at the traffic statistics from youtube, videmo, Netflix, facebook, abc, cbs, cnn, msnbc etc. This has further contributed to the growing feeling that flash is also “dispensable”.

Another significant reason for the rapid adoption of HTML5 v/s adaption of flash for mobile is that Flash was designed for PCs using mice, not touch screens using fingers. Most Flash websites need to be rewritten to support touch-based devices. If developers need to rewrite their Flash websites, why not use modern technologies like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript? Flash also drains more battery causing concerns from phone/tablet vendors.

So far, adobe has done promise, promise, promise but not deliver, deliver, deliver when it comes to Flash Player for the mobile.  With “EDGE” is adobe accepting a graceful “I am beaten” posture? Time will tell…

Top-notch flex developers

Flex Project Details  – Pariksha has developed various rich internet applications using Flex.  Some of them include

  • A Video Asset Management System that allows users to manage their videos on cloud.  They can import, search, browse, catalog, export, Share the videos on various social media sites and also run a 24*7 online TV channel.
  • A Security Monitoring System that allows remote monitoring of the videos from various cameras installed.
  • A Graphical Reporting Tool that allows the Management to review the status of various Customers, Projects and Employee Tasks through drill down Pie and Bar charts with filtering.

The projects we are planning to work on include

  • Develop an application that will allow mobile users to browse through various TV channels, see their program schedule and watch any program on the go.
  • A workflow based application where a form has to go through various stages.  The form designing and presentation will all be done using Flex.  The Form Design will be stored in XML format and will be dynamically rendered when needed and form data in a database.

Resource Profile


  • Should have good academic background and should be regular BE / BTech / ME / MTech / MCA from reputed institutes.
  • The minimum experience of the candidate should be – 2+ years for junior position (1 position) and 4+ years for senior position (1 position)

Technical Skills

  • Experience communicating with a REST based service using Flex a must
  • In addition to Flex/Action Script, hands on development experience with XML technologies.
  • Implementation experience of any Framework (Cairngorm, PureMVC, Mate, Swiz)
  • Should have good understanding and implementation experience of Object Oriented concepts and Patterns
  • Understanding how to bridge Java Script/Action Script, HTML/Flash
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills
  • Experience with Test Driven Development and Agile Methodologies in a distributed team environment is a plus.
  • Experience of developing Flex applications for Livecyle, InDesign or any other Adobe product is a plus.