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Mobile/ iPhone/iPad /Blackberry/Android Solution

Do you have a strategy roadmap for your mobile needs? If not, is mobile on your mind?

Smartphones, tablets and mobile internet devices are redefining the user data and information consumption paradigm. Consumers and corporate workforces are leveraging the proliferation of 24×7 connectivity and large screen/compute power to enable enterprise access, social media access and information access like never before. The first wave of mobile apps were about putting great UI, interactivity and branded experience in the hands of the consumer. Now, it is about connecting the dots – mobile, web, cloud and UI technologies coming together to create solutions that empower the mobile user/worker.

Pariksha Labs is a leading provider of mobile solutions – both strategy consulting and application development. We have a mature in-house team of consultants, developers, UI designers, and we can deliver across a host of mobile platforms.

If you have a mobile strategy roadmap Pariksha can help you build its components. If mobile is on your mind, Pariksha can translate your vision into a roadmap. Talk to us, and you will be glad you did.

Welcome to the world of Geekoo

ParikshaLabs is an innovative R&D oriented software service provider with competencies and focus on Enterprise Level RIA, Online Video, Adobe platforms, Mobile Application development, and QA Testing Services. The journey of ParikshaLabs started in Sep 2007. In this short span of time we have covered numerous milestones.

Our mascot “Geekoo” believes that high end R&D can help deliver high ROI. Geekoo has deep technical consulting experience and programming expertise. He has designed and executed global project management practices and attracted top programming talent from the industry for ParikshaLabs. He is smart, young, and dynamic. He represents our culture and will be face of our blog.

Geekoo will share industry trends, technology trends and our achievements and various other technical and programming experiences while executing projects. Geekoo will cover verticals such as Enterprise Level RIA, Online Video, Adobe platforms, Mobile Application development, and QA Testing Services. And of course collaborative distributed software development.

We hope you will find Geekoo’s ideas useful in your area of business. Geekoo wants to make ParilshaLabs a software service provider of your choice.