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UI impact on ROI

UI or User Interface refers to the face of the machine or the product that user looks, touches or hear to. It is the medium of interaction between the user and the machine. For instance in a website, the UI is the display and layout of the webpage. UI of any product is directly related to its look and design. Keeping all other factors aside, we can say design of the UI has a direct impact on ROI. How? Let us have an insight on this issue.

Design is a term that does not have a set definition. It is difficult to quantify or describe it. The value of a design depends upon the views and thoughts of the onlooker or the user. In the same manner, the value of UI depends upon the users. Does it have any economic benefits? Certainly yes!

Let us talk about a website. The online success of a website depends upon the user interface design of the website. If a website meant for selling products, sells more products, obviously it has better ROI. An appealing interface definitely attracts more visitors and pushes increases sales of products. In addition, it also increases its reputation and market exposure.

A perfect UI depends upon the understanding of the user’s needs and expectations about a product. While designing the UI, the designer should keep in mind the objective, the target user and the website’s efficiency.

Since a website is the part of the advertisement campaign of a company, its User interface design is very vital to create a long lasting impression and it has direct impact on ROI. A better interface design of course increases the usability of the website and helps better navigation between the pages of the website. It is an agreed upon fact that the value of a website lies in its ability to interact and communicate with its users. Thus, more effectively, it lets users make sense of the content; the website attracts more visitors and hence more potential customers for the business.

User Interface is directly related to the usability factor, which means how effectively a user receives the most significant message from the website. A perfect UI have very high usability factor and that lets the user to reach the most important message in one click only.

Higher the usability factor, higher will be the return on investment. A better usability is beneficial to both, users and the company.

Users are benefited from usability because they will enjoy interacting with the website and they will be satisfied because they are not frustrated. It will help them achieve their goals quickly and efficiently. They will cultivate trust n the website. If users to your website or the product become satisfied due to better user experience, they will return and recommend your product to other users too.

Apart from users, providers also get various benefits from better UI. These benefits include reduced development time and costs, reduced support costs, reduced user errors, reduced training time and costs and hence better return on investments.