We offer SMEs 360-degree digital & social media strategy, development support and analytics based campaign management to improve branding, lead generation, user experience, productivity and business growth.

Over the last 10 years, Pariksha has served several global customers in US, Canada, Middle-East, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and UK; and delivered innovative services around:

  • Product Management: Research & Specification of products & roadmaps for business
  • Development: Mobile Apps, Web Apps, QA/Testing
  • Marketing: ASO, SEO, Social Media Management
  • Strategy: Transforming businesses from casual digital/social use to strategic focus

We have helped startups, SMEs and even large brands build strong digital/social media presence thu our unique 360-degree strategy, development initiatives and analytics backed interventions. Our ability to improve digital products, customer support interfaces, social listening and tech ased marketing helps customers drive higher ROI for same/lower spends.
We are trusted by our customers for our transparent and ethical business practices and willingness to go the extra mile to help our customers win.

Our Unique Differentiators

  • Hand-on strategic participation by senior professionals; leaders in the Indian industry.
  • We have deep expertise in cloud, web, mobile and interactive UI technologies. We are always jumping on the latest in these domains to bring new solution ideas to our customers.
  • We have the expertise, training and the orientation to understand your product/business nuances and deliver results you expect. Our cultural ‘mantra’ is to deliver the best productivity possible to our valued customers.

Culture of GET IT DONE!
Culture of Customer First. Always.