Our Tools for Social Media Mining can deliver real ROI by converting page and post likes to conversations. See how…

We recently met with a consumer brand (hair care category) with 100k facebook followers (cultivated by spending close to $10,000 over a year) and an active content publishing team, digital agency and social media marketing agency. The CEO called us as he was frustrated that while the marketing team and agency were gushing about page likes, post likes the spend on social media was having ZERO impact on brand recognition, word of mouth, sales. “Each time we have a review, the agencies mutter about number of impressions, reach etc. By this time the entire population of Bangalore should have known about our brand” he said but each time we do a dip-stick test, our brand is no where on the recall metrics.

So what is wrong here?

If you are only counting likes, comments and shares on your social media marketing metrics you are missing the opportunity to do business!Imagine you do a well researched post about the benefits of “Coconut” oil and target specific users who will benefit most from the content. You invest some $$$ to promote the post to ensure it reaches a large enough sample size. You are delighted to see 245 likes on the post. What do you do next?


In today’s social media marketing, the activity/engagement with a user stops at promoting the post and getting a like. It is assumed that the user will be so highly motivates that they will order the product home or remember to check about the product when they are in the market next time. In both cases, the optimism is misplaced. The consumer has in most probability moved on to the next “like”.

Now imagine that you have a tool that allows you to send a “thank you for liking our post” message and offer a product sample, demo or even consultation. Would that not start a conversation with the user? Could that not lead to a sale; a more informed user? perhaps a post by the user about their experience and even a recommendation/referral?

If you are only counting “likes” as outcomes of your social media marketing, talk to us to setup marketing automation that turns social interactions into biz leads and conversations. Its the only way to drive higher ROI with social media.