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Did you know that one of the most famous of publications, the Michelin Guides, was conceived as a marketing device to sell more “Tyre”? or that the Tour de France was a marketing initiative to sell more “Newspaper”?

At a time when there was no such thing as TV, brands could not buy mass attention, so they had to earn it, from scratch, by creating world-famous brand properties.

In an age of super-saturated communication, It’s not enough to do great story-telling anymore. It’s not enough to ask “what is our brand saying?“. The post-TV, digital-social-media world demands that brands create their own story, building a digital/social property that will earn its media reach through its unique existence.

We believe that the digital/social platform requires a new type of agency. One that is adept at “Marteching” – powering marketing with tech automation. We have brought together senior professionals from tech, marketing & creative communications to offer our experience of over 50+ years into a new service, “movement marketing“, where your brand becomes the STORY as opposed to telling a story.

To see an example of how we have helped a herbal products brand build a 200k plus community of passionate supporters, visit Proud of My Color page on Facebook.

Our marteching has recently delivered 20X increase in traffic and resulted in 5% online sales for our latest customer. Here is an actual Google Analytics grab of this real-life case.


Put our experience across tech powered marketing, business strategy, brand positioning, campaign design, content strategy, social media planning and effective campaign management to work for you and accelerate your business development, user acquisition, engagement and conversion goals with minimal budgets.

Call us to discuss how you can create and build your own social movement that can grow to become a Michelin Pages or Tour de France one day. Lets us know and we will get back for a quick chat. YES, I am interested.


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